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A rare offer

This is neither a trick nor an ordinary proposal but pure honest Free Stuff.
We are actually offering you a totally free complete Internet site: free web site design, free website building, free domain name registration (Web address), free e-mail account, free search engine optimization (SEO), free web site hosting and free submission to major search engines. You can search the web but you won't find any similar offer!

Your project

We will accept and publish only interesting, serious and non-commercial subjects. It doesn't matter who you are, your content must have a solid cultural or informative base and be of wide public interest. You are behind the content.

Our Plan

After approving your project, we'll arrange your content (text & images) and structure. Then we'll build your website in a neat modern design.

You will be requested to be your site's editor, so if your language skills are less than perfect, please do not apply.

Luzzati's Plan for a totally free web site

The Free Site!

The Freebie Directory

If you have a good idea for a web site but you are not a webmaster and your budget is zero, Luzzati's Plan is your perfect solution. We have the know-how and the technology to build and host a totally free website for you. Our reward? A little advertising placed on your site. Do you like the idea? Drop us few lines describing your project! Please note: Interactive or complex sites are not suitable. We can just build a nice professional-looking showcase for your static original content: text and pictures only. The Plan is available worldwide for sites in English, French, Italian and Spanish.
keeping in mind the latest SEO rules in order to achieve the best search engine rankings. We'll register domain and then we'll put it online, hosting it on a US server. At this point we'll only need visitors. We'll submit the site to major search engines and we'll teach you how to manage an easy link exchange campaign in order to make your new site even more widely known and visited.

Stop whenever you wish

You will be able to terminate your participation in this Plan at any moment and take full control of your site and domain by purchasing the web services you received till then, according to a clear Service Value price list (see: More details - bottom page).

Mutual benefits

It is in the interest of both of us to have a high quality successful website, in order to achieve the highest search engine rankings and to attract many visitors.
Luzzati's revenues will result from placing few modest content-targeted ads (like those in the column on the right) in your pages.

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In order to be accepted to Luzzati's Plan, the content of your new site must be serious and non commercial. It must have a solid cultural or informative base and be of wide public interest.